Skid marks

April 16, 2012 in RP by Hibiki

Standing at the window, he watched the streak of fire trail its way across the sky, growing incredibly bright as it approached the city.  It was audible now, a dull roar through the glass.  He took another hit and kept his vision locked on the crashing vessel.  His eyes zoomed in, attempted to read signatures and markings on the side of the ship but the smoke and flame were obscuring it all. Odds and ends snapped off as it descended, and the bottom of the hull glowed red hot.  It crushed comms towers, snapped its way through cables and struts like a hot knife through butter, and vanished to the south.  The ground rumbled for a moment as the man-made meteorite found its final rest in Hangars Liquides.

“Goddamn.”  This is where some people would say, he thought, “There goes the neighborhood!”

He ashed the half-smoked joint in the ashtray he held.  His mask was on the windows sill, propped and grinning up at him. He’d barely walked in the door and had time to light a smoke before the fireworks started, and now he was compelled to leave again.  Dropping the demi-joint in the ashtray he scooped up his face from the window sill, and spun around for the door.

At the crash site…

The approach to the wreck was difficult.  It had tucked itself deep in a corner of the southern sector, wreaking hell the whole way through.  A ship-shaped hole had been punched through a few buildings, and debris was everywhere.  From small things as innocent as crew patches and rations to  whole bulkheads and interior systems, strewn about like entrails after a jungle feast.  The heat was tremendous, even from far away, and the fires still burned their way through the remaining fuel left in the crashed ship.  The cargo crates from inside were also thrown all over, a few open to reveal various sundries, some medical supplies and raw chemicals.  He prayed nothing too toxic was in the broken containers, and found himself a good vantage point to survey the scene.

The very next thing he noticed was a Crimson, one of Lawrence’s guard.  Then another, and another.  They were lining up corpses under sheets a short distance from the crash, and organizing the chaos that was the ship’s manifest.  He saw no sign of his friend the captain.


Spotted, Hibiki freezes in place.  One of the Crimsons had been scouting the area for more bodies/valuables just outside of his perception, and he’d been made.  Hibiki turned towards the voice now, a young sergeant trotting up to him in full armor and helmet.

“This area’s currently under Crimson watch mister…” he stopped, studying Hibiki’s demonic, wooden face.  “Mr. Ochs, oh man…” he began again, his demeanor adjusting.  “I am so sorry I didn’t uh…didn’t recognize you.”

Hibiki raised his eyebrows, pursing his lips in amusement; it was the kind of expression one did behind a mask.  “Not a problem, my good man.  I was just in the area and happened to notice a space ship crashing.”

The soldier nodded.  “No ID on the vessel yet sir, but as soon as we know anything I’m sure the commander will be in touch with you.  For now we’re keeping civilians clear of the area, but of course you’re welcome to observe the cleanup, Mr. Ochs.”

“That won’t be nessescary,” Hibiki shook his head.  He looked over the man’s shoulder at the rows of bodies, and those tasty looking cargo crates.  Later he would have to find out how much of the booty Lawrence got away with…and sneak out some of his own if he got the chance.

He exchanged goodbyes with the trooper, who turned back to his duties with the unit and left Hibiki standing just at the edge of their little quarantine zone.  Lawrence would be his next stop then…but in a few hours.  The crash was news, and he had to get an idea of what the world had to say about it.  He turned away from the wreck now and headed back towards the center of town.  The glow of the wreck cast huge, wavering shadows…perfect for him to step into and out of sight.

I wonder what happens next…or if someone’s going to come looking for their lost ship?  Lots of questions…I can’t wait for the answers to start rolling in.